Department of Civil Engineering

Serres Campus

Building Infrastructure of the Department

Α) Classrooms and Amphitheaters (total 7).
Β) Strength of Materials and Metal Structures Lab.
C) Building Constructions Lab.
D) Soil Mechanics Lab.
E) Hydraulics Lab.
F) Quality Control of Building Materials Lab.
G) Land Surveying Lab.
H) Drawing Studios (total 2).
I) Computer Labs (total 5 room, 15-20 PCs each).
J) Architectural Design Lab.
K) Reinforced Concrete Lab.

Spaces of total area 6500-7000m²
Two (2) teaching amphitheaters with a capacity of 140 and 160 seats.
Two (2) classrooms of 80 and 90 seats
Three (3) classrooms of 50 seats
Additional teaching spaces for 20-50 people inside the laboratories
14 laboratory premises with a total area of more than 3000m²
Teachers' Offices, Technical staff, etc.